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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Glaze test 4

This test is following glaze test 3.

Last time, the mixed pigments are too thick that all of them turned into dark grey or black after firing. At the end of previous post, I mentioned that I will do a few more tests and see which one works. This is one of the test, by adding more water into the pigments to dilute colours.

As to the shape of testing pieces, I made them with wheel. I wanted to make the sketches I drew into real pieces that I am practicing throwing because through this way, I can achieve similar shape.

Here are how they looked before firing. 

Based on previous pigments, adjustments are showing blow:
8. cobalt pigment: add 500g water.
9. bronze pigment: add 280g water.
13. copper pigment: add 300g water
The following picture shows what pigment and glaze I used and how I glazed them.

Here are the final effects after firing.

Here are my description and opinions to the result.

Personally, I pretty like these colours. However, when it comes to my current project, I don't think they are very useful. 

After all, I started this test was before I decided the key style that I want to achieve. I gave them a try was mainly because I like this artist's work who offered the recipes.

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