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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Laniakea: Final work photos 1

I took some photos of the each piece of work in the portable lightroom. More will be taken after I fully set up the work in the show space. 

I like how the quality of the glazes appear on the photos. There are many wonderful details on the glazes, which I only really notice them until the day I took these photos. I love the way that they followed the structure of the work and the gravity, forming beautiful, organic, and unpredictable colours and patterns.

Someone said to me that my previous works are more fantasy. But seeing the following work, I think the current one is not that bad. The darker colours can bring some stability to the work. The blue and orange form a strong contrast, building a sense of fantasy.

I can feel these are the universes in my mind. Each of them is individual, and I just want to hold them, turning around and observing the changes.

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