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Monday, 13 April 2015

Laniakea: Acrylic pieces test

To make the transparent structures, I did this test with laser cutted acrylic pieces.

I made images with AI and cut them with laser cut. After I finished the cutting, I realise the holes on the pieces have been forgotten, so I drilled the holes with Dremel. 

At the beginning, they were strung in one fish line. I found difficulty to control their direction; then I tried to string them in two lines, from the top and the diagonal. 

But then, they looked like the following image, which is still not what I want.

Then I strung the pieces in different sizes separately. Pieces in each size are controlled by two fish lines. Then I cut some engrooves on the shoe boxes and hung them in the air. 

They looked really just like the way I want in the light, slightly shiny. And I like their shadow under the spotlight. But it is hard to say how they will look like under the water, and I am worried about the mess that all the strings may cause. The concept of them is invisible time and space portal. But Maiko thought their sense of volume doesn't quite express the concept. I need to think about how to improve the design. 

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