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Monday, 9 March 2015

Laniakea: Sketch and Concept Development 2

To give myself a better understanding of how my design would look in three-dimensions and explain my ideas better to others, I built some 3D models with Google SketchUp. 

1. Square tank

This design shows two types of creating parallel worlds in my imagination. One is by speech bubbles generated while talking; the other is by sacrificing their body as the bricks for building the parallel universes. In the following images, the pieces in dark colours will be made of ceramic. The rest that look transparent will be cut acrylic sheets or twisted sticks. 

The design also shows what types of fish I may keep in the tank. I would like to have Corydoras and Glass Catfish. The first one love sand, which is what I am going to use as the substrate. As to Glass Catfish, they are transparent, like ghosts. The acrylic sheets and sticks represent fundamental elements that construct the world of the tank. The Glass Catfish are chosen for the same purpose.

The reason I want to create a desert-like realm is due to most aquascapes are simulating green land with thriving water plants. I am planning to try other landforms, like the desert, rocky land, glacier and such.

2. Bowl tank

If I really stick to the bowl tank, I need to think about the distortion caused to my work by the glass and water. Also, I need to find out how much and where can I get a customised tank like this. 

This idea was influenced by a story I heard before sleeping when I was a kid. The story is about a naughty wealthy boy has a bowl with a mini town sitting in the water. There are mini people living in there. One day, due to the boy's long-time mistreatment, all the mini people escaped from the bowl. When the boy came back, there was only an empty town left.

These are two designs in the process that there is a lot I need to think through.

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