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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Form testing - Clouds and Rain Drops 2

This piece, like the previous porcelain one, is a piece that inspired by Leon Bakst's costume design.

During the time, I found difficulty in moving further on this theme. I have been suggested perhaps it would be better to find inspiration in raw materials, rather than people's work. I was not sure if this is true, but I did get stuck.

In the every beginning, I was deeply attracted by Leon Bakst's work. But the more I saw,  the more I realised that I only like a small part of them. So that could be very limited inspiration. Not to mention, there is no reference that might support my work. Because the motivation I did this work was simply the admiration to his work. It was hardly a theme, which was about detailed visual effect, more like a branch of the whole concept of my work.

 It is not saying that it is impossible to go down this way. It might be a nice starting point, like Vincent's work. But I just felt something went wrong.

So when I made this piece, I was in the middle of wondering what should I do next. I decided to make something based on what I had, and see whether there was a possibility. At the same time, do not let my hand get rusty.

For the clay, I used terracotta. It is a material that much easier than porcelain. It is stronger and has good plasticity. This piece was slab-build, because I found I had less patience and control in coiling. The little thrones on the body was a sudden idea, which was made by a metal tube for making hole. I found these thrones are lovely. Until now I could not decide whether I should glaze the work, since the thrones might disappeared. 

I did follow my sketch to make this piece. It turned out quite differently though. In the end, I like the back of it rather than the side designed to be in the front.

It should be nice to put this piece in a square tank that slightly bigger than it. Not long or big tank, in that case, it would be like a pure decor rather than a small land. Or put the piece in a square tank that only has half height of it would be nice, then there would be half in the water and half above, like a island.

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