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Friday, 16 January 2015

Theme exploring - Laniakea: sketch and concept development 1

During the holiday, I have been thought about the themes I had come up with. From the very beginning to the recent one called Frozen, they all seemed to be not right.

The following images show how the idea has been developed.

I thought about adding elements from the temple to the shape of the mountain, such as columns. Because mountain has its relation to many myths and religions. Ancient Egyptians thought the mountain is the first land appear from the chaotic sea, which is a place of paradise.

The wine glass tank in the image belongs to Horniman Museum. I was attracted by it since the first glance. Its form is so special, which has a sense of dramatic and romantic that is different from normal glass tank. I hoped I can show my works in this tank, but they rejected my proposal, considering health and safety issue to the animals.

I thought about that the universe are plants, which can grow bigger and bigger if watered properly. Then I considered using three basic shapes to design the form of the universe.

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