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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Final Project Primary Description


Laniakea is the name of our home supercluster, which means ‘immeasurable heaven’ in Hawaiian.

I would like to borrow this name as the key words of my final project, which will rise the questions that human beings keep asking themselves from the beginning. Where did our universe come from? How does it look like? Does it has a boundary?

To do the project, I will look into cosmology, while focusing more on the religious cosmology rather than physical cosmology, and how it has been presented in art. Ultimately, the project will show my understanding and imagination. 


Ceramics, sand, plants, animals, etc.


In fish tank, size roughly 1m*1m?
(Fish tank in Horniman Museum?)

First thoughts:

The colour of glaze will be like the effect of universe. Fantasy, Landscape. Each piece is an entire universe, similar or totally different.


Did I make it too complicated? 

In what way that I can explain the idea through the work properly?

I have some initial visual ideas before the research started. Would the ideas prevent me from having new ideas? Would the research help me combing my thoughts and make them logical?

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