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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Fantasy Landscape Experiment - Dyed Plaster Samples 3

Because of the astonishing colour in the other day, I decided to try tender and comfortable colour this time. I kept the colour in higher brightness with low saturation, which brought less contrast. At the certain humidity of the plaster, I managed to make a form with many thin layers that normally appears when hot lava is moving and cooling down. 

The inspiration of the colour comes from the atmosphere and colour of dawn. I used watercolour this time because of its stability. The colour of the purple part was mixed in the plaster, while the yellow was painted on the plaster. 

Visually it is more comfortable, but it also feels a little dull and pale. Maybe I should go for the colour in between these two times. 

This is the second one. 

Originally inspired by the bubbles of Methane locked in frozen sea or lake. I poured plaster into coiled plastic sheet and tried to make this kind of cylinder. Since I didn't fully follow the shape of the bubbles, I kept the accidentally shape of my cylinders. 

When I painted yellow watercolour on the white part, extra water dropped on the wet plaster that formed many lovely holes, which are like the craters on the moon.

Now when I am looking at this piece, I wish the colour could be colder and it seems that it is lack of some dark colours. I will keep doing tests after the assessment. By testing different colour combinations, I will eventually find out the one that can express my idea better. As to the form, some of the samples are followed my sketches and some are just created from flashing ideas. The later one may bring some new ideas. And for some forms that really difficult to make with plaster, it may be easier if I use clay.

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