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Monday, 13 October 2014

Fantasy Landscape Experiment - Dyed Plaster Samples 1

Basically, I am now working on creating the setting of a fantastical land. The land has no human being, and in the ancient time, the time of all the species has been stopped. They were frozen at the moment when they tried to escape from this unknown power. Physically they are dead, but their time is stopped. And after so many years, the land is drown by ocean and new life starts. So based on this setting, I will design a serious of landforms with creatures on them, and tell their stories. It is a little bit like Luigi Serafini's Codex Seraphinianus, but I also get a lot of inspiration from Journey ( Thatgamecompany, 2012).

Back to the test, these plaster samples are made for quickly expressing some of my ideas of landforms in 3D.  It can be quite different after sketches are made in to 3D forms. The idea of the world where these landforms exist is that countless creatures were frozen at the moment that they gradually became part of the landforms. Imagine a large group of sardine is swimming around and they have been stopped and kept in that position at a certain point.

Fantastical colour is one of the important part in my work that I decide to dye the plaster. Firstly, I tried fabric dye. It was a little hard to melt all of the fabric dye in the cold water that it can be lumpy. But the colour coming out was not bad.


Purple Red

This one sets in an underground cave that all the creatures are trying to get out through the whole on the top. I was working on carving the details of the creatures, but the plaster was too wet that I had to do it later.  To me, the colour combination of purple and green always has a sense of weirdness and mystery. Though the colour is not the same as I thought, it is worth trying.

I used acrylic paint at the orange parts which formed a texture of melting wax. In the purple red part, I mixed a little yellow acrylic paint into purple red fabric stain dyed plaster. They have different textures due to paints and the humidity of the plaster.

I used dark blue acrylic paint here. It turned out as a greyish blue which was not so ideal. It is better to use another kind of blue next time, with lighter and greener colour.

 Watercolour paints were used in this one which gave brighter and pinky colour, like marshmallow.

After they dry out, the colour may be different. But overall, I quite like the samples this time, and I will keeping working on them tomorrow. 

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