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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Interim Show Work - 2 Background

The work I am going to show this time is only test piece, which is for one of my idea that inspired by Leon Bakst's costume design. when I made them, I didn't think throughly about the colour. Because the test is more about the shape and the pattern. Which leads this test could not fully express the feeling that I want to.

So in order to improve this situation, to create a atmosphere that help people understand my work, I decided to make a background for the tank. 

At the beginning, I wanted draw the developing process on the background, but then I realise that could be too much, which may distract people.

I used watercolour here, since I like the water trace they form and the way that colours blend together.

watercolour paper
paper from sketch book
paper for ink 
Eventually, I chose to use this kind of paper specially for ink painting. It has a strong ability of absorbing water. And even I painted again and again on it, it won't fluff.

After drying, it stays in flat, which is really ideal for me.

The only disadvantage of it is that it could not really lock the ink. This black one for instance, after it dry, the colour fade a lot. Which is a shame, because I really satisfied with the effect before drying.

The idea here is clouds and night sky. The part on the wall shows how sky changes from dawn to sunset, and then to night when the pictures expend to the floor.


I arrange them to the right place one the wall first.

Cut the edges.

In order to blur their contrast and boundary, I cut the edges inside. Also I added small pieces at the edges which colours are between the big sheets.

I will put a acrylic sheet to cover the painting on the floor, so that people can stand on it. It is like they stand in the outer space.

Final effect.

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