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Monday, 7 July 2014

Interim Show Work - 1

This is the work I made for the 2014 Interim Show. Photos here show the second day after I reset the tank.

Plants have been trimmed and replanted. They are in good condition, compared to before.

I don't know how long can these ceramic stay in this nice and clean condition. One thing I can make sure is that it is easier to clean them if they have been glazed. 

Before, I even thought they can look good after algae grew on them. Now I am not so sure,  considering the look of the previous work in the water. That piece is also white porcelain, without glaze, and it turned into strange brown after several months living in the tank.

So either the algae in this tank doesn't have nice colour or the colour of the work couldn't go with it. I should try other colours next time, making some that is not in white-based hue.

I like their current looking.


Though I played too safe again. At this stage I didn't make a complete design and finished work that these test pieces are the only one I can show.

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