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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Workshop: The Vertical 2014

I attended the workshop 2 - Curating Beats Creating? which ran by Tony.
He gave us a short talk about curating first, which gave me some interesting thoughts. But it passed too quickly that I haven't got chance to write them down. Wish I can have the notes he prepared for the talk.

Then, we have been taught how to handle these precious objects. They are not from museum, but they have museum function. 

I really like this stamp and No 22 blow. I am thinking using this way to add details into my work. It's easy to do similar objects. I made stamps blow later for an external project.

After that, we wrote label for two objects, guessing their material, time, function, manufactory, etc.

After that, we were divided into 3 people a group. We had to choose 2 objects from the table and 1 object we brought ourselves. Then every group member used paper to cut their shape out, 3*3 totally 9. 

These were what we chose. 

After that, we used these paper to curate what we want.

I really like handling those objects that I wish we can have more time to do that. 

There was a stage that we were asked to use 3 mins to remember these objects as many as we can. And one of them mentioned a theory that people studied in China before have better memory then western students, cause we have been trained a lot in this way. And western students are better at logical analysing. Then when the result turned out, I was quite surprised that among all the objects I saw, which around 25, only 3 that I cannot remember. 

For me, this theory is pretty persuaded, since I truly not so good at logical stuff. I feel nervous at the way when people keep asking me to question myself. I guess here is the origin of the problem. Even I was not born to be like this, the education I had before made me into this. And I was aware until now.

Somehow, this result gave me a light through the dark cloud. That if my nature is not completely not good at logical analysing, I still can train myself even now. And I think it's more acceptable for me to try it.

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